Art is a wonderful component of a live, vibrant and creative office. Although subtle and difficult to quantify, quality art can have an effect in many different areas of office life, the following are three that might just peak your interest.

The first and most obvious impact is to change the aesthetics of a room or entire office area. Whether you go bright colours, or soft pastels, one dominant colour or an entire rainbow, the choices you make will alter the feel of the space. Taking a very broad brush to colour psychology, warm colours like reds and yellows can increase the heart rate and make for a more stimulating environment… but be careful, they might just make you extra hungry too!

How about a little productivity boost? A 2003 survey by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors found that nearly 65% of businesses saw an increase in productivity of employees as well as reductions in stress levels.

Need an extra hit of creativity in the office? A 2013 study in the UK by the British Council for Offices found that 61% of workers believed that the presence of artwork in their work space inspired them to think and work more creativity. What price would you put on a little extra creativity?

Now putting all the studies in the world to one side, how do you feel when you walk into an office that has nothing on the walls? compare that to how you feel when in a space with splashes of colour and form a mere head swivel away, I know which office id prefer to be in for 8 plus hours a day…

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