Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Essentially the reasons for choosing to rent artwork instead of purchasing it tend to be three fold:

Your rental costs are a taxable write off (at least in Australia)

No or low upfront costs

Never get bored of a piece of artwork, we come around and change them over on a regular basis to keep a fresh feel to your office

It is a way of reimagining the elements of our lives, the parts we barely take notice of, and turning them into something spectacular and unexpected.

flour is just something you make a cake with, milk is just the white stuff that goes in your coffee and soap is something you wash with… or is it? There is so much more to each and every thing that we have surrounded ourselves with, complex chemistries, unusual histories and so much more…

This is real fire, captured via time lapse and reimagined with some very basic photoshop techniques. Simple, elegant and passionate, perfect for a place that needs a pop of colour and curiosity.

im a fan of the tria prima, perfect for a small space, you can mix and match the artistic contents of it to create a new look and feel anytime you want. Its super affordable, hugely flexible and stylish to boot.