To improve the everyday lives of workers with colour, texture and energy, one boring office at a time.

I want to help business professionals have a great place to spend their days, full of colour, life and passion. Creating office spaces that invigorate staff and clients alike, and can be the catalyst of phenomenal business breakthroughs.

Understanding, efficiency, inspiration, connection, purpose, action

Stunning Visuals

Visuals that make a statement, visuals that make you think.

Improving Productivity

Selection and placement of the right pieces, with the prefect colours can have a measurable impact upon your bottom line

Social Media

We spread the love through all of our social media outlets, more exposure for you with a feel good story or two!

Regular Refreshment

Never get board with the same old thing, our rental plans mean that you always have a fresh new piece coming just around the corner.

Professionally Installed

We take care of the installation for you, either conferring with your building manager or picking up the tool to get it done, either way it will be done just right.

Make everyday a journey

Get out of the white wall mentality, be prepared to enjoy coming to the office...

Who is making it happen?

The Alchemist is a chemical crackpot who decided to play around with colour and form for the rest of his life.